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Lighting Design and Tips

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting doesn’t need to be complex and with the rising cost of electricity, it doesn’t make sense to pay to light areas that don’t really need to be lit. Install lighting controls to make buildings more energy efficient. Lighting controls turn lights off when they are not needed. From simple switches and time clocks to occupancy sensors, these controls ensure that not all lighting will be used at a single time or at full capacity, thereby reducing energy costs. Significant savings can be made in areas such as hallways, storage areas and warehouses.

Integrate Task and Accent Lighting into your design

Instead of having one big glaring light from the ceiling, install task lighting into areas. Key locations for task lighting include underneath benches, overhead cabinets and kitchen islands. Under-cabinet lights can be a hidden asset in any room, providing task lighting as well as soft ambient lighting to give the room a warm glow. Strip lights are a popular choice, linear tubes or LED lighting recessed in bulk heads, provide discreet uniform illumination and can add a touch of class at the same time. Accent lighting is becoming more common. You can use accent lighting to feature artwork, any sort of decorative focal point needs the right lighting.

Set the mood with Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the secret to creating warmth and atmosphere in a room. Particularly in the home and restaurants. There are a few tricks you can use to generate the right kind of light. This includes flush- ceiling fixtures, hanging lights and adjustable track lighting and using dimmers.

Landscape and Garden

Create a different look with garden and landscape lighting. Achieve a stylish yet dramatic night view by bringing objects and plants to life. Use lighting to throw shadows onto walls, create reflections in ponds or backlighting for interesting effects. The possibilities are endless.


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